Lucky cat Maneki Neko

A lucky cat, aka Maneki Neko is a traditional Japanese statue.

Maneki comes from the japanese Maneku which means ‘to invite”, while Neko means “Cat” all simply.

Strictly speaking, Maneki Neko is an inviting cat.

A Maneki Neko is a lucky charm whose purpose is to pull good fortune into your home.

If you have opportunity to visit Asia, you will very often notice in shoping windows or counters all shapes and sizes of Lucky cats .

In China, where it is popular since many years now, it is calles zhao cai mao, literally ‘ a cat attracting wealth’.

In other parts of the world, it is most often called Lucky Cat or Fortune Cat.

We, at MAISON de SAVE, have been seduced by this little animal, round, sleek and elegant.

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